The If and Then situation with Fashion

For ages we have all heard … If I do this Then I’ll be happy! Do you find yourself saying If I buy this dress then I’ll be happy? Or If I buy this certain utility/beauty product then I’ll be happy. If you find yourself in this If & Then situation then this blog is for you!

Have you ever wondered why and how are we all so driven to buy products and clothes all the time just so that these things can give us that momentary happiness?

When you look at something like social media or different advertisements. They all make it seem like everything that is being promoted is a MUST have in your closet right away. We now buy a certain outfit or product not because we really need it but because we were convinced by various advertisements and promotions to make us believe that without it our life wouldn’t be wholesome!

By now we have all learned from one source or another that social media can be very deceiving.  All the content is heavily curated and we are extremely selective about the content we put out there. It’s no secret that we all very carefully choose what content to show people and undoubtedly all of us have been guilty of exaggerating reality.

In today’s times, social media and online shopping go hand-in-hand. You see an ‘influencer’ wear that certain outfit or promote that particular product and in the back of our heads, our mind is immediately triggered to go ahead and buy that product. But have you wondered why that sudden need to go acquire what you see online?
Online shopping has become more of a game than a personal experience. While conscious purchases are encouraged, we live in this engineered world where all of us are so driven to fulfill a need that wasn’t a need, to begin with. Social media has convinced us that if we don’t look a certain way or don’t use that particular product we aren’t going to be happy.

As much as online shopping and social media is an integral part of our daily lives and that we as individuals or even as brands are entitled to put the content we want to share with the world, we all also need to be aware that no one is living the picture-perfect life.
While this a topic that is being tackled and debated by almost everyone in the fashion industry, can we as individuals take small and active steps to shop more consciously? Here are the 5 things that have helped all of us at CHERIDA to become more conscious consumers:

  1. To look around and say thank you!
    Being grateful might be an easy thing to say but take a moment away from your busy lives to just look around and say thank you! 

  1. Finding your own personal style

    Focus on your personal style and start building your wardrobe from there. The key is to always focus on those timeless pieces that make you feel like you! The idea is to a build timeless wardrobe so that your clothing never goes out of fashion. You can always add a couple of on-trend pieces throughout the seasons but focus on your personal style and owning that rather than thinking you need something to fit in!

  1. Conscious buying vs Heedless purchases
    Buying and acquiring clothes is possibly one of the easiest and quickest things to do, however, when you buy clothes with a purpose, you know exactly what your wardrobe needs. It’s vital to understand the difference between want and need. All of us may want really trendy clothes but do you really need them? Always ask yourself What purpose does this outfit fulfill? By asking yourself such a question, your mind gets the clarity it needed and your decision to buy or to not buy becomes a lot easier! 

  1. Investing in Made-to-Fit outfits
    When it comes to buying clothes, the battle between price vs quality is never-ending. Ready to wear and fast fashion has convinced us that a cheaper priced clothing item is better than a high-quality clothing item that is a slightly higher price. However, the value addition brought by made-to-fit clothing can never let you down. Our Advice is to get key pieces made to measure, especially the sartorial chic pieces that will be forever a statement piece year on year. Having key pieces made-to-fit will not only pay off in the long run but also reduce your seasonal spending. These key pieces aren’t just classic and timeless but they are also those pieces that will never go out of style. With anything, we do in life especially when it comes to shopping, timeless, made-to-fit pieces aren’t just worth the monetary investment but rather also emotional.

    By wearing an outfit that is made and tailored to your body specifications can be so beautiful and empowering as it not only flaunts your body in its own unique way but also can make you feel extremely confident! The outfits are solely made to the measurements of your body, so everytime you wear your outfit, you know the designer hasn’t categorized you into the S/M/L sizes.

    5. Acceptance & Acknowledgement 

    At the end of the day, we need to accept that endless material possession isn’t going to make us feel any more fulfilled than before and the simple acknowledgment of the fact that we are all here to experience life and not avoid it can help us make more conscious purchases.

    Always remember, we are all human beings and we aren’t the things that we own!

Written By: Srishti Narang & Edited By: Cherida Patterson

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