Karren Brady wears Bespoke CHERIDA

We are thrilled to announce that Karren Brady CBE, one of the most influential, high profile and respected business leaders in the UK wears CHERIDA Bespoke for BBC's The Apprentice 2019 campaign. 

Cherida Patterson, Founder and Creative Designer of CHERIDA launched her Bespoke service back in February this year and Karren Brady was her first client. 

The dress was specially designed for Karren, taking the silhouette from the Core Collection's High Neck Midi Dress. Adding sleeves with cuffs and accessorising it with a leather belt to complete the look, Karren looks elegant and powerful. 

"Karren has been fantastic support and this years' highlight (although it's not over). What started as a vision is becoming a reality and although this is only a stepping stone, it's proof that there is a market for my product. What you put your mind to, you can achieve."

Read more for Karren Brady's experience with CHERIDA... 

How was the overall bespoke CHERIDA experience?
- Cherida was a delight to work with throughout the entire process of creating my perfect business dress: from conceptualisation, the design and intricate thought process behind it.
What was the fitting like? 
- The one-on-one fittings with an expert team, ensured my garment fit like a glove, the creation of the item and updates of the hand-made elements, the service and delivery was all first-class and as bespoke as the finished item itself.
How did the CHERIDA garment make you feel when wearing it?
- I wanted a powerful, strong look and the dress conveys style and power in the workplace whilst still letting me feel like a feminine woman.
Would you recommend CHERIDA? 
- I cannot thank her enough and I would recommend her  to any other business women looking to amplify their career and day to day life.