Adapting To Changing Times

Life at CHERIDA - Things 2020 has taught us!

  • Learning how to adapt

2020 definitely has taught us a thing or two. One of the most important things 2020 showed us is the shift in the way we all work. With the onset of Work-from-home, power suits almost became obsolete but that just showed us that as a brand we had to learn how to adapt and be a part of the market instead of being out of it.

The idea of “Power Dressing” roots from the sole purpose of making YOU, the consumer feel powerful and in-charge!

  • Online Tailoring: The New Path for Fashion

The idea of tailoring stems out of having outfits perfectly fit for YOU! In the traditional sense tailoring obviously meant going to a specific boutique, explaining to the tailor exactly how you wanted the outfit BUT all of that changed last year when human proximity was almost banned and Online Tailoring took over the industry.

With the help of our recent 3D technology, YOU can now get personalised outfits that fit your body perfectly only on CHERIDA. In addition, you can also benefit from the Personal Styling Service that CHERIDA offers! 

  • Sustainability now more than ever!

One of the key things 2020 also taught us is that nothing in our life is permanent: Our planet, Our Health and also people in our lives! Fashion is one of the biggest pollutants in the world and being part of this industry, we understand that while we may be contributing to the pollution, we strive to always take steps that help each one of us wear ethical clothing. Click here to read more about the sustainable materials we use.