Sustainable Fashion

“Sustainable Fashion is Sexy”

We put sustainable thinking at the center of everything we do here at CHERIDA. This means that we only choose fabrics that care for our environment and we only ever partner with factories that care about their ethics, workers and impact.

-> Helping Local Business

Ethically Made”

We only work with trusted, certified factory partners and source all our materials from our suppliers. All of our suppliers have the same sustainable vision as us - they aren’t only social and environmentally conscious but also work towards a more sustainable future. These factories also ensure that their workplace is free of child labour and forced labour and that their worplace is a safe and secure environment for work at. Additionally, all the employees and workers are paid above national minimum wage and are treated with respect at all times.

Bonus Point: Our valued suppliers are Bureau Veritas verified. Read more on Bureau Veritas Certification of Assurance.

→ Designed to Last: Reduction in Mass Production & Waste

Sustainability is the core key feature of CHERIDA’s business model. While we always strive for all our materials to be as sustainable as possible, we came to accept this very early on that every material has its advantages and disadvantages. There are a few key features we consider as extremely important: Durability and the Longevity of our pieces. With the Made-to-Order & Made-to-Fit Model, the fabrics we use need to ensure your comfort as well as last long so that you can enjoy wearing CHERIDA for a very long time!

For you as a consumer, Made-to-Order & Made-to-Fit, means shopping with a clear intention and supporting locally owned suppliers. It’s a choice you make to buy products that are ethically produced. By conscious choices, you avoid impulse purchases of clothing that would be worn only a few times. It’s only human to be tempted by the affordability of fast fashion but the harmful effects of overproduction just can’t be ignored. 

All outfits at CHERIDA are Made-to-Order & Made-to-Fit thus entirely removing the pollution caused by dumping huge amounts of waste cloth materials in huge landfills. By following the Made-to-Order & Made-to-Fit Model, the process completely eradicates the production of surplus stock with added environmental benefits.

There is also an added charm to outfits that are specifically made to measure to your body measurements. It’s a very new and different way of shopping where you shop for outfits instead of a digital product. As fashion moves away from fast shopping, this particular model makes buying outfits a more personal experience with human interaction, emotional attachment and literally also connecting us to our clothes.

For both CHERIDA and you, the consumer, the Made-to-Order & Made-to-Fit clothing service is the solution and the way towards a more sustainable fashion. Through this you not only let the world know that overproduction is discouraged but encourages you as a consumer to have a carefully curated wardrobe that is sustainable and of the highest quality giving you a win-win situation!

→ Tailoring & Sourcing of Materials

When it comes to tailoring, the longevity factor is what matters the most. Longevity can result only through the choice of fibre and fabrics that are used to make your garments. Wool fibres and other natural fibres such as merino wool or silk or a linen blend are considered to be a preferred choice in comparison to synthetic materials. As these natural materials are either plant-based  and/or animal-based, they resist dirt and breathe better compared to other fibres. In addition, all of the materials we source are GOTS certified.

→ Why Wool?

→ Wool is a natural, renewable and an easily recycled fibre, that has the ability to be sustainable when produced and processed properly.
→ Wool is a 100% renewable resource, grown by the simple blend of sunshine, fresh air, grass and water.
→ The wool fibre can be bent up to 20,000 times before breaking. This makes wool garments highly durable, allowing them to retain their as-new look and feel.
→ Wool is 100% biodegradable so it does not contribute to microplastic pollution in our oceans or land.

Carbon Cycle & Wool

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→ Why Silk?

Generally speaking, Silk is considered a more sustainable fiber compared to synthetic fibres. It is renewable, biodegradable and comparatively uses less water, chemicals and energy than many other fibres. That being said, we at CHERIDA do understand that the Silk fibre in recent years is also a controversial fibre considering the chemical use, animal rights, high energy and the labour practices.
Hence, by taking sustainability and our strong values and ethics into consideration, we use the more sustainable option of Silks that are available in the market, such as Organic Silk.

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