Message from Cherida



I’m Cherida, a Londoner by heart but currently living in Dubai enjoying the sunshine and making you look sexy in my tailored Cherida outfits!

“CHERIDA Modern Tailoring”

Regardless of where you’re in the world, I believe each one of you deserve to wear outfits that are timeless and classy while also making you look sexy as hell! My brand CHERIDA London, is about redefining and reimagining the made-to-fit tailoring industry. My aim is to provide all of you with beautiful outfits that are customised to your body from the comfort of your own home. 

Read on to get to know me a little bit more. 

What inspired me to start CHERIDA London?

It was back when I was living and working in Dubai and couldn’t find a power suit that really fit my personality, or had any style for that matter. I decided to go back to London and follow my passion of empowering women through tailored suits with quality designs. After returning to London, I had to learn everything about the fashion industry, about finding the perfect suppliers and factories. It was in this process that I realized how inhumane and unethical the fashion system is, which led me to combine my passion for both fashion and sustainability. This is why I launched ‘made-to-order’ & ‘made-to-measure’ pieces for my clients.

It’s very important for me and the brand that we use materials that are responsibly sourced, supporting local suppliers and businesses. (Read more about our sustainability here.)

Why Made-To-Order & Made-To-Fit Modern Tailoring?

Tailoring is a type of craftsmanship that goes way beyond high-end fashion. It's all about symmetry, form, and the experience of having something beautifully fitted to you. By offering a hybrid service that is a combination of tailoring and taking advantage of 3D at home fittings, allows every single woman to have a fitted outfit right at her doorstep. The feeling you get wearing something like this is priceless. 

I started this brand with the sole belief to push the boundaries of British tailoring, not only by offering tailoring services to meet the needs of the modern woman but also by pushing the limits of what woven wool can achieve — combining masculine and feminine silhouettes to reflect gender equality in a completely new medium.

What Will You Find on CHERIDA?

You’ll find outfits from my Core Collection that are timeless, classic and allows you to get made-to-measure outfits from the comfort of your home! With the start in the trend for Work from Home, you can find my new collection that is a lot more vibrant and perfect not just for your Zoom meetings but also (virtual) date night. Every CHERIDA woman deserves feeling sexy in whatever she wears.

“Luxury can’t be denied to a woman who is nothing but Extraordinary”